First Impression: LifeSaver Gummies Neons

Hi Fellow Sweetplorers!

It’s Monnnnnday & I wanted to do a quick first impression of the new Lifesaver gummies Neons that I saw in CVS the other day. I am not sure if these are “new” persay but it was the first time I saw them so, it was new to me nevertheless. There were a few other new gummy concepts that I noticed such as the LifeSavers Collision Gummies and the Exotic flavors of the world, one. Admittedly, it would have been a close tie between getting the exotic flavors vs. the Neon ones that I did get but I had to make sure that I would like at least a few than to be stuck with a bag of little nasties:

Let break this down per gummy:


Cherry Lime Splash: Once you get chewing, it reminded me of a fruity cough drop… kidding. Now maybe it was just me but after I tried it again, the cherry seemingly prevailed over the lime, leaving the lime as a fresh aftertaste if that makes any sense. Unfortunately, for me, the bag has quite a few of this kind -sighs-.

Bold Berry: The bold berry reminds me of a lesser sweet version of the blue syrup that is in blue-shaded snow cones. Not bad…not bad at all : D.

The Electric Lemonade: WOW, this one came with a pop of lemonade in my mouth; truly the flavor is right on point and distinguishable as soon as I tasted it; unlike the previous ones.

Pink Punch: This one is particularly tasty in a good way, but I did not see a lot of them in the bag, which is sad because it does remind me of a cheap fruit punch and I am not mad about it.

Orange Pop: I don’t know whether the “pop” aspect referred to the POP of flavor that was suppose to come or pop in reference to an orange soda but it just tasted like a basic orange gummy. It was good but I don’t know what was “pop” about it. Hmmmmmm…..

Overall, I think the Pink Punch one was my favorite with a close following of the electric lemonade. It was not the best tasting gummy that I had but I found the flavor to be not only unique but tasty. Though, I am not big on candy, lifesaver classic gummies have always been a nice treat so trying these, was a must. While nothing tops the original, these are not a bad addition to the growing lifesaver family.

♥ Bree♥

Sweetploring: Yogurtini

Welcome Back to another Sweetploring adventure ~

For our first Sweetploration, we took a trip to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and today we are heading right over to Yogurtini: a self-serve frozen yogurt place.


Admittedly, I have visited this sweet place beforehand but since I did not bring you guys along then, I decided to have right over to have a quick look at what Yogurtini had to offer. Unfortunately, it did start to get a bit busy with occupants and because I did not want to make people uncomfortable with my camera being out around their family, I only managed to take a few pictures before leaving.


Though I could not find the Strawberry Lemonade, I did take an interest in the Vanilla Bean Gelato, Cookies & Cream Cake, and the Cake batter ( which I did try the first time I went here). Doesn’t the Raspberry lime mojito sound interesting ? I’ve never had a mojito but the flavor combination of raspberry and lime sounds appealing, don’t you think ?

Anyhow, because I could not afford to actually purchase an actual cup of frozen yogurt I only managed to get a a taster cup full of the Vanilla Bean, which was very tasty! I am grateful for these for taster cups at these self-serve stations because they give you at least something better than nothing: remember to use, not abuse!


The best part but probably the most costly part of these self-serve yogurt places are unquestionally the topping options. Yogurtini had everything from the simple Rainbow Sprinkles to full size Twinkies, to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I will say that as plentiful of variety that they have, as appealing as it may be to gather up as many toppings as you like, because they charge by the oz I think, I am sure that it can all become an expensive surprise.


And that concludes this Sweetploration of Yogurtini. Even if one does not have a Yogurtini around, I am sure that there is some variation of a frozen yogurt place near you with similiar options; Yogurtland, Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt and so on, so on. I want to know though, what flavor of Frozen Yogurt would you get ? Comment below as I would love to see. Thanks for joining me for today’s sweetploring; I hope you’ll join me for the next adventure, stay tuned!



♥ Bree♥




G.B.W.M: Confetti Sugar Cookies

Good Day to you & welcome back to another Get Baking With Me!

Today, I am sharing with you my most recent baking shenanigan: making sugar cookies. Unfortunately, I have not yet mustered up the courage ( or finances) to attempt to bring a made from scratch recipe here but nevertheless, I enjoyed baking these cookies; even though the taste really is not too distinctive from any other store-bought cookie mix. Anyhow, let’s get started:

First, using the Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies bag mix, I managed to get one egg from work and to use just some regular butter ( instead of the stick butter) to create the dough mixture. I was truly surprised that other than the liquid from the egg, that no other liquids was required. At first, I was in disbelief but it came together…thankfully…-whew-

Next, since I once saw someone roll their cookies into regular rainbow sprinkles, I thought that I would just take the confetti sprinkles that I had and to roll each little sugar dough ball into it. I realized after the fact that it does look better with regular sprinkles:

I did not end up using all of the dough so I just wrapped the rest in Saran wrap to be baked the next day. I then just popped these lovelies into the oven to bake for maybe 8-10 minutes. I would realize after I took them out the reason why the instructions said to bake at 350 on a dark pan and 375 if not. I ended up using a dark pan at the last minute and the bottom of the cookies were almost a bit burnt!

Though I did end up icing the cookies with a “whipped icing” ( do not microwave….lesson learned *haha*), I am just going to end this post with the cookies before their degradation with the icing : /. I think they turned out to be quite cute, don’t you think ?

On a side note, I don’t know if it’s just the way I bake and particularly the way I baked these, but they looked NOTHING like the cookie on the packaging. It is like that cookie is a whole other cookie; either someone just mastered the artistry of making these mix-based food look it’s best or there is some serious photo manipulation going on there : D. Am I the only one ?


♥ Bree

Sweet Finds: Calling All Cinnamon Roll Lovers!

Good Monday To You 🙂

Today, I wanted to share with you guys the sweet Cinnamon Roll goodies that I have noticed over the weeks that I have been to the store. As much as I would have loved to make this a “haul”, financially I am not able to get but one treat, which I will do a first impression of at a later time. Help me decide, which treat should I get ? But as for now, let’s get into today’s post, shall we ?


Admittedly, I really enjoyed the Limited Edition Birthday Cake Fudge Striped Cookies that Keebler released a few months ago (?); but they did have a artificial aftertaste to them…if that makes any sense. But I saw these at Wal-Mart for only 2.98 and thought that they would make more plentiful addition than getting actual cinnamon rolls.


Okay, I have never met a person who does not enjoy Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls; they are warm and ooey gooey goodness in roll form. So, when I saw these when I visited the refrigerated baked goods section, I really wanted to get them then and there but with the price tag of 3.78, I knew I could not. That being said, I am certainly curious to see if the taste of the buttercream and cinnamon is more pronounced since it says “extra rich buttercream” and that they added more cinnamon. I will get back with you guys on this as I will do a First Impression of these hopefully not too far down the line.


Nabisco released the Cinnamon Roll Oreo cookies, which is a Oreo favorite of mine but the other day, I noticed a newer edition to the Cinnamon roll inspired cookie: the Cinnabon bakery cookies by Pillsbury. Now, the only thing that is getting in my way of accepting these cookies is the fact that the chips in the cookie are a cream cheese based and I prefer the buttercream icing over the cream cheese frosting.


As usual, I was prowling through the Ice Cream Aisle and this Cinnamon Roll Gelato by Breyers caught my eyes and I just knew I had to try it….someday. I will say that I feel that the ice cream mixture itself looked better than the little ball-pebbles on the top that remind me of some kind of cereal or even dry dog food. HEY, I am just saying!  Interestingly, they also have a cinnamon swirl regular Ice Cream; it’s great to see businesses hopping on the cinnamon roll bandwagon because after all, they are so gooood!


Thank You for joining me for this segment of Sweet Finds, I hope that you guys enjoyed it and let me know which treat you would try in the comment section below.

Until next time,



Snack & Chat: Beautiful Questions Necessary For Beautiful Relationships

Good Friday & Welcome to the first edition of ♥ Snack & Chat ♥ So, grab a snack ( because that’s what we love) and let’s get chatting, shall we ?

Today, I wanted to talk about the necessity ( or is it) of asking beautiful questions to foster beautiful relationships ( friendships, general companionship, romantic, etc). Last Sunday, I read an article by Winn Collier called “Say Something Beautiful” and basically he shares a brief story of a thoughtful & meaningful companionship that was built from asking “beautiful questions”.

What are these beautiful questions ? I’ll share with you a quote from the article “ For a question to be meaningful, it must be genuine. At times we questions not because we care to know a person but rather because we were trying to build our stockpile of knowledge or support the image we want to project. Jesus’ questions, however were always real questions, always in search of honest friendships”. 

I have this friend who I playfully tease because she always like to ask questions and to go “deep” but upon coming across this article, I think I have a new profound perspective about questions. Asking questions with the beautiful intent to get to know someone ( actually to know them), asking questions with the beautiful mindset that is ready to listen and to not judge, asking questions with the beautiful outlook that is not about being right but just listening right is what fosters beautiful relationships. All the times she was asking me those “pestering” questions, it was genuine searching for having an honest friendship.

I say this all to say, perhaps we do not have the relationships we’ve always wanted or maybe are going through a rough path in the relationships that we do have because we are not asking the right questions and if we are, we are not asking so with beautiful attitudes, mindsets and hearts that are set on things BESIDES ourselves. Sometimes, the reason why a possible friendship/companionship may not go anywhere because we really did not put much genuine thought behind the questions that we ask. Maybe we did not really care to know how someone was doing, where they were at in X, Y,Z in their life and so on ?

I can conclude this not telling you because I know better but rather, because I do the same thing. I can not begin to look back on the times where I just asked questions, maybe to project an image of kindness ( because it is the kind thing to ask, right ?), or even godliness. However, the impression that I have been left with from only the little that I’ve read from this article is that beautiful questions comes from a heart that is real ( not fake), that is genuine and that is concerned with other people, not only itself and the way that relationships can be found/strengthened is by those who choose to ask beautiful questions.

Let’s keep the conversation going in the comment section: what are you thoughts & what snack did you have as you read this ( or even that you wished you had ?)

♥ Bree ♥



First Impression: Fruit Loop Doughnut From Fractured Prune AZ

Good Morning to you guys!

So for today’s first impression, I thought that I would share my first impression of the newly available Fruit Loop Doughnut from one of Fractured Prune Doughnut locations in Arizona. They have also released a Rise Krispies + Marshmallows Glaze + Cinnamon Sugar doughnut but since I rarely have FPAZ doughnuts these days, I thought I would just try a little bit of each doughnut at a time.


 Brief Background: Fractured Prune Doughnuts has been established since 1976 and what sets them apart is there one & only cake based doughnut that is only made to order. You can have them custom with any topping and glaze that you want or you can choose from over 30 pre-made combinations. And just in case your wondering, there are no prunes involved as the store was simply named to commemorate a lady named Prunella Shriek who broke/fractured her bones as she competed into sports.



Now, let’s get into trying this doughnut, shall we ?


The Fruit Loop Doughnut ( Vanilla + Fruit Loops): Biting into this hot doughnut, made me forget just how yummy a doughnut can taste that is freshly made; especially a cake doughnut. It’s interior was ever so soft with a light crunch. As for it’s topping, at the first bite out of two, I could not really taste the Fruit Loops at the forefront but they certainly made for an aftertaste of the good kind. Not to mention, surprisingly since the Fruit Loop toppings on the display, they have not developed a chewy texture ( as in stale) but even if it did, I am pretty sure it would not make much of a difference being on such a sweet doughnut.

IMG_3117 a different angle -ahem-

Overall Impression: It is good doughnut and it being served hot & fresh serves in FPAZ favor. That being said though, I do feel that this is more of a novelty doughnut for it’s classic & childhood favorite topping being Fruit Loop and it’s colorful ( appealing) look but it does not stand out alone for it’s taste. I would absolutely recommend this fun & tasty doughnut for anyone to try at least once, though 🙂

Thanks for joining me for today’s First Impression post & hope that for National Doughnut Day, that you treated yourself to a doughnut or few.

~ Breee







Sweetploring: The Rocky Mountain Factory

Good Morning Everyone & Welcome to our first Sweetploration: We are heading to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.


As the name suggest, this sweet place is filled with decadent confectionery treats: ranging from candy apples, chocolate covered marshmallow to a wide assortment of unique truffles. Upon walking in, you are not only being greeted by their workers but by an impressive array of Candy Apples…if I must say so myself.


Admittedly, I think the apples look fantastic and would be such thoughtful gifts on their own but for the price, ranging from 5- nearly 10 dollars, it’s certainly a treat

Once I moved past the apples, there was quite the arrangement of every chocolate-covered goodie that one could want: Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Chocolate Covered Smore’s, Chocolate Covered Twinkies…yes TWINKIES. The only reservation that I had was the seemingly pricy price tag attached to all of these goodies ranged. I mean a dollar something for one chocolate covered oreo, I can buy an entire package + chocolate for only five something depending on the chocolate.


After this, I noticed a top shelf of select fudge such as a Vanilla Cranberry, the classic Cookies & Cream, the Grasshopper ( a minty + vanilla-based fudge) and of course, the Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge. Underneath the plethora of fudge was the most truffles I have seen in one place:


From a sweet & fun Birthday Cake truffle filled with cake to the Red Velvet truffle to the Key Lime Truffle tp the Smore truffle to the Iced Cappuccino truffle to the ROOTBEER FLOAT TRUFFLE with half white chocolate & vanilla and many more, Rocky Mountain Factory had a truffle for every taste. Look at those beauties!

If you don’t already want to go to here, then perhaps what I saw next would interest you: Large Peanut Butter cups. You can forget the little small Reese cups that come in pack of two’s; I am sure that one of these is sweet & rich enough to just have one and be done with it:

Okay, last but certainly not least,underneath the truffles were these nuts/seed chocolate covered ” bear” bites as they called it. I think they call it a bear because it’s like a bear cluster sort of treat:


So, while that concludes my Sweetploring of this place, this post does not come close to covering all of the sweet goodies that this place had. From the classic Rock Candy & Chocolate Coins to their own Rocky Mountain Lollipops & Chocolate bars, I am sure this place would be a dream-come-true for candy & chocolate lovers alike.

♥ Bree ♥

  • By the way, please pardon the constant header changes, I am still trying to figure out how I would like this blog to look.