Sweet Shenanigans: Smore Milkshakes


Today,  I wanted to share with you one of my latest shenanigans:


Shenanigans //: Sweet desserts of the experimental kind that I create that are typically spontaneous in nature that do not necessarily meet my expectations in one way or the other.

This little shenanigan started out, in my head at least, as me doing my own version of the Burger King Lucky Charm Milkshake but after a bad case of failed-to-be dyed marshmallows, I decided to just turn it into a “smore” shake since I did have access to the smore necessities such as chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs and marshmallow fluff. I should rather insert here that I might as well emphasize ” milkshake” as in singular because that’s all I had enough ingredients for:


First, I put 8oz ( my solid guesstimate) of a Vanilla Ice Cream cup into the blender and then added my graham crackers, chocolate chips and lastly, marshmallow fluff. I then added a generous amount of milk and blended it all together.

Admittedly, I was expecting a more milkier/whiter mixture and it turned this light tan color but I realized that probably should have been expected with the graham crackers and chocolate chips though. I probably should have added more marshmallow fluff but since it was not mine, I did not want to be greedy.

After placing it in the freezer just so it could thicken up a little, you know chill down. I topped it with some heavy whipped topping, light graham crackers and more chocolate chips. Since, I don’t even like heavy whipped topping, that was totally just an addition for photograph purposes!

I thought, visually, it turned out to be really cute and I love the little Mason Jar that I got to put it in…once mastered, this just might make a great summer party treat! You got smores over the fire & cold smore drinks! But upon tasting, I felt that maybe the chocolate chips were overpowering the marshmallow taste…but then I am not really crazy about chocolate chips by themselves. The taste was not bad…but not GREAT. Note for next time, when in doubt….


♥ Bree






First Impression: Talenti Gelato Vanilla Bean

Hi Guys!

Today, I get to bring to you another first impression of the  Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto; specifically their Vanilla Bean! Initially, I had wanted to try the Tahitian Vanilla Bean but by the time I got back to the store, they only had the regular Vanilla Bean. Since I do not have a car and only Frys ( also known as Krogers) had the flavor for 3.49, I took the rail ( public transportation) to the store and then scurried my patootie home ( well, as fast as the rail could) in 100 + degree weather so that the whole thing did not become mush. Good News: it was softer but not milk so all is well. So, let’s get into this impression, shall we ?


Price: 3.49

What’s The Deal: The first thing I noticed was just how creamy & smooth this gelato ( as all gelato) was. Now before we get into taste, I just have to say now that I am the Vanilla Princess -ahem-…in other words I love Vanilla Ice Cream. I love it here, I love it there, I love it anywhere but nowhere *ha*. Okay okay, but really if I go to Dairy Queen, I have to get Vanilla. If I go to Baskins & Robbins, I get Cookies & Cream but the base is Vanilla, of course. If I go to Graeters Ice Cream, then I also get the Cookies & Cream. Even going to the store, make it a French Vanilla, a Homemade Vanilla, a Vanilla Bean…I am a happy individual. So, when I tried Talenti’s gelato, I also had some Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean in my freezer that I had collected on a previous grocery shopping excursion.


Simply said, Talenti’s Vanilla Bean is quite a subtle treat; the taste of the vanilla base that is the ice cream with the beans is nice and simple. It’s a simple Vanilla Bean. I wouldn’t go to say that the gelato is exploding with exceptional flavor when looked at on a comparatively scale with all of the other makers of the Vanilla Bean flavor but the texture is exceptional.

Would I get it again ? Personally, I would not buy it again but only because Talenti has so many other unique flavors such as the Caramel Cookie Crunch & The Key Lime Pie that I would love to try next.

Until next time,



Snack & Chat: When Expectations Become Preferences

Good Morning to you! Here we are again with another Snack & Chat. Let’s grab a snack and get started:

We all have preferences: things that we prefer with consideration to ourselves. We all have expectations: things that we expect will happen. While neither is negative, I do think that when expectations become centered around preferences towards someone, they can become negative.

There is a certain kind of hopefulness ( at least, in my mind) that I associate with having expectations. When one has expectations for someone, they have high hopes that they can be, that they can do and that they can achieve. Yes, the person believes and is confident in whoever that have the expectations for to do so, but it is more about that person just being a better them for them; than a better them for you. The issue comes when our expectations just become our preferences for how someone should be, react or act in a given situation. In other words, we expect them to act in the ways that “we” see because we made it about us vs. making it about them.  No wonder we are agitated and frustrated ? It was not because they did not meet what we expected, but because they did not do what we preferred.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with setting expectations for one another;it’s so important to but there’s a point where expectations can become more about serving our own interest and controllling -ahem- others than about hoping for the best for their lives. It is inevitable that we all have preferences but we all have to learn the boundaries of our preferences so that they do not affect those who will be impressed upon them negatively. If we have expectations, we have to be mindful and let the other person can decide how/whether or not those expectations will be seen/met in their own lives.

I hope I am making sense: would love to see your comments below.

♥ Bree ♥


Sweetploring at The Phoenix Public Market

Hi Guys,

Are YOU ready for a sweet adventure ? I certainly was as I made my way out to the Phoenix Public Market after I finally managed to get a Saturday off from work. Unfortunately, it was unbelievably “musty” outside to the point that personally, I did not stay as long as probably would have if it was a cooler/more clear day out. Nevertheless, I did manage to hunt down some sweet goods that I wanted to share here – imagine me saying this in my wanna-be animal explorer-like voice-. Let’s just delve right into this adventure sweetplorers:

Peanut Butter Americano: as much as I am sure most of us are used to the typical creamy or crunchy peanut butter sold in our groceries stores, Peanut Butter Americano takes the peanut butter game to an whole other level. I mean Cinnamon Honey…Choco Blanco…yes we are talking about kinds of peanut butter!

Main Squeeze Lemonade: I had visited this place last year ( so, I want to say) and I just had to revisit and try some of their Strawberry Lemonade again. They specialize in lemonade that is natural & yes, delicious. They have Watermelon, Old Fashioned, Strawberry, Pineapple AND MANGO -woo-


Heavenly Bites: I had never seen this place at the market before but it has been forever since I have gotten a chance to come so that’s no surprise. This place makes sweet things that not only taste good but that is good for you ( Organic & Healthy) :

Next, the Arizona Bread Company ( based in Scottsdale, I want to say) is a vendor that I have visited before and frankly, one can definetely appreciate their prices. Today, they had doughnuts and I kid you not, the largest cinnamon roll ( and one of the best deals) I have ever seen. I just picked up a buttermilk glaze ( so good & thick) doughnut for 1.75!

I noticed a place called Breezy Pops when I entered into the Phoenix Public Market and apparently, they offer natural ice pops; ” Latin American style”. From their Juicy Strawberry to their Sweet & Sour Lemon to the Creamy Horchata, it reminded me of Paletta’s Betty but a different spin, of course.


For me, the BEST part of the Phoenix Public Market is open not just when the market is open but every day, the Phoenix Public Market Cafe. I had visited it for the first time a few weeks ago and I was really impressed with their portion sizes ( huuge), quality of food and the unique environment. Upon walking in the side door, I was greeted by these delicious looking cinnamon rolls and then a beautiful array of bakery cookies, cake, Macaroons, homemade poptarts and more! Unfortunately, their treats are a bit on the pricier range but every once in a while, I am sure it is worth paying for!

Overall, I love the idea of supporting local businesses which is why I can always appreciate the Farmer’s Market. Unfortunately in the heat and due to the musty conditions today, I could not fully enjoy it to it’s full potential ( that and another reason that I won’t mention) but if I can revisit, I surely will. There were more vendors there that I am sure I could have taken note  and I am sure many more of a variety of vendors that come depending on the Saturday that one goes but this is what I got when I went 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this little short, but sweet adventure. See you on Wednesday!

~ Bree

First Impression: Fudge Stripes Vanilla Cupcake Cookies!

Hi Guys ~

As you might have noticed, there was not a post posted on Friday but since I had to be up for work at 3:45am that day, I just did not have enough time to come on here to post.  But today, I am back with a First Impression and it’s going to be on the new, Fudge Stripes Yellow Bell-O’s Vanilla Cupcakes cookies in light of the new Despicable Me 3 movie ( that I have yet to see). I was scrolling through Wal-Mart and noticed two different cookies types: the Lemmy Num-Num (Lemon) and the ones that I am reviewing today, the cupcake ones.

Price: 2.00

The Taste Test: If you never had the Fudge Stripes Birthday Cake Limited Edition Cookies, then these might come as a particularly unique flavor but since I did have the birthday cake ones, I feel that this practically tasted the same (understandably, I mean how many ways can you imitate cake) ; just without the little confetti sprinkle pieces that were in the birthday ones and yellow-added coloring. Unfortunately, along with the taste was an odd and unpleasant aftertaste that intensified as I washed it down with water … just like the birthday cake ones. On a plus note, maybe it was just me but I felt that the cookies were a bit thicker that the original Fudge Stripes cookies.


Would I Buy This Again ? No and I probably will not get the lemon ones either. I think that these are just their previous birthday cake batter dyed yellow in order to make it more suitable for Despicable Me 3 since their packaging is promoting the movie. If anything, maybe they should have released a Banana Fudge one because that is something relevant to the movie.

♥ Bree




Gooood Mooorning!

“Sweet-ality” may not be the most original and best sounding title to call this quiz/tag but it’s really all I could come up with that could best suit the purpose of this post. This tag is one that you can share whomever you like but I am also creating this just for my readers; fellow sweetplorers, so that I can get to know others sweet (perso)nality *ahah*. The question are as followed, have fun & comment below with your answers:

1) What is your favorite kind of Ice Cream ?

2) If you would be any kind of dessert, what would you be ? Why ?


Why ? The base of the cookie is your plain & simple sugar cookie which describes my personality of being a plain-jane kind of girl who likes to keep things simple and the confetti sprinkles show the liveliness/cheerfulness in attitude that I would like to adapt to.

3) It’s Thanksgiving and you can only have one dessert on your table, what would it be ?



4) What is your go-to snack when your down ?

5) Your heading to the movies, what is your ideal movie-treat to have ?

Fullscreen capture 6292017 103451 AM.bmp

While it’s probably closely followed by Buncha Crunch, ideally, popcorn is my go-to for the movies.Buttery..warm..fresh popcorn, it’s just too bad it’s so expensive : /.

6) When you have an Oreo, what do you appreciate more, the cookie or the creme ?

7) Ice Cream, Sorbet, Sherbet Or Gelato ?


This was really not the quickest decision to make, however because Ice Cream offers the consistency that I love and the fact that it’s the most accessible & plentiful option, I had to go with this one. That being said, offer me ANY and I’ll surely enjoy myself!

All righty, it’s your turn now! Answer below or on your blog and I will certainly come to check it out 🙂

~ Bree



Sweet Finds: 3 Mail Home-Ice Cream Shops That Caught My Heart ♥

I can live without cake, I can live without doughnuts, I can live without candy but one thing that I must have is Ice Cream. Ice cream here, ice cream there, Ice cream everywhere because I care. No really, though; I think Ice cream is my favorite dessert of all times! So, the idea of buying ice cream online was quite exciting and when I found these three stores online, it became a goal to be able to purchase from each of these stores at least once in my life.

First, we have a popular ice cream brand known as Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

Fullscreen capture 662017 81653 PM.bmp


Price per pint: 12.00 ( Minimum of three for delivery)

Jeni’s was founded in 2002 and is devoted to creating quality & delicious ice cream without the artificial flavors and additives that can be found in some ice cream products out there. Jeni’s has everything from a Cream Puff flavor to a Brambleberry Sorbet to a Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean. I think if I had to choose ( and it would be hard to), I would go with the Ndali estate Vanilla bean because I am crazy about Vanilla, the Cookies & Cream Pint and the Lemon Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt. I just…can’t…wait!

Next, we have Graeter’s Ice Cream:

Fullscreen capture 662017 82824 PM.bmp

Price per pack (6): 79.95 = about 13-14 dollars per pint

Graeter’s was actually an ice cream shop that was quite the treat when I lived in Ohio. I always used to stick with my one and only flavor: the Cookies & Cream ( oh my golly). Graeters was founded in 1870 in Ohio and they use a french pot method to make their ice cream ( and clearly, all these years later the methods works for them). The great thing about Graeter’s is that they can be found in select stores; for instance I have seen their brand in Fry’s/Krogers but only a few select flavors. As for me, if I could grab up a pint or a few from Graeter’s, it would have to be the Cookies & Cream and their Madagascar Vanilla Bean ice cream.

Last but certainly not least, there’s Salt & Straw, based out of Portland, LA & San Francisco.

Fullscreen capture 662017 90608 PM.bmp


Price per pack (5): 65.00 ( about 13.00 per pint)

What I could immediately appreciate about Salt & Straw was it’s use of fresh ingredients to create such intriguing flavors such as their Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons or Roasted Strawberry & Toasted White Chocolate. Founded in 2011 by the Malek cousins, the ice cream shop produces flavor combinations that are unique & fresh. While there are a few flavors that I can not see myself trying personally, I know that I would not mind trying the “Salted, Malted and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough”, the Cinnamon Snickerdoodle, the Double Fold Vanilla and the Roasted Strawberry Tres Leches. This would be quite the place for a unique ice cream experience….Perhaps, a Sweetploration trip in the future ? I tell you, goals…GOALS!

♥ Bree♥