Sweetploring: The Rocky Mountain Factory

Good Morning Everyone & Welcome to our first Sweetploration: We are heading to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.


As the name suggest, this sweet place is filled with decadent confectionery treats: ranging from candy apples, chocolate covered marshmallow to a wide assortment of unique truffles. Upon walking in, you are not only being greeted by their workers but by an impressive array of Candy Apples…if I must say so myself.


Admittedly, I think the apples look fantastic and would be such thoughtful gifts on their own but for the price, ranging from 5- nearly 10 dollars, it’s certainly a treat

Once I moved past the apples, there was quite the arrangement of every chocolate-covered goodie that one could want: Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Chocolate Covered Smore’s, Chocolate Covered Twinkies…yes TWINKIES. The only reservation that I had was the seemingly pricy price tag attached to all of these goodies ranged. I mean a dollar something for one chocolate covered oreo, I can buy an entire package + chocolate for only five something depending on the chocolate.


After this, I noticed a top shelf of select fudge such as a Vanilla Cranberry, the classic Cookies & Cream, the Grasshopper ( a minty + vanilla-based fudge) and of course, the Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge. Underneath the plethora of fudge was the most truffles I have seen in one place:


From a sweet & fun Birthday Cake truffle filled with cake to the Red Velvet truffle to the Key Lime Truffle tp the Smore truffle to the Iced Cappuccino truffle to the ROOTBEER FLOAT TRUFFLE with half white chocolate & vanilla and many more, Rocky Mountain Factory had a truffle for every taste. Look at those beauties!

If you don’t already want to go to here, then perhaps what I saw next would interest you: Large Peanut Butter cups. You can forget the little small Reese cups that come in pack of two’s; I am sure that one of these is sweet & rich enough to just have one and be done with it:

Okay, last but certainly not least,underneath the truffles were these nuts/seed chocolate covered ” bear” bites as they called it. I think they call it a bear because it’s like a bear cluster sort of treat:


So, while that concludes my Sweetploring of this place, this post does not come close to covering all of the sweet goodies that this place had. From the classic Rock Candy & Chocolate Coins to their own Rocky Mountain Lollipops & Chocolate bars, I am sure this place would be a dream-come-true for candy & chocolate lovers alike.

♥ Bree ♥

  • By the way, please pardon the constant header changes, I am still trying to figure out how I would like this blog to look.

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