G.B.W.M: Candy-Yum Cupcakes

Goooood Morning!

I am so excited to bring this Get.Baking.With.Me segment to you today even though it did not quite turn out as planned. First, I had planned to share this on Friday but I realized that I would have needed to make the cupcakes on Thursday, even though they would not be eaten until Saturday. Then, I left my camera at a friend’s house on a Wednesday so I really could not share it on Friday. Thankfully, the day I made the cupcakes, I was able to retrieve my camera -whew- and bring them here to you today!

At first, I made the cupcakes using the Funfetti cake mix that I bought for my sister’s birthday but when my friend insisted that we make it from scratch I decided to go for it; though I do feel that she did most of the work

First, we creamed the sugar and the butter in her stand-alone mixer:

Then, in a separate bowl, we added the dry ingredients ( salt, flour, baking powder and cornstarch) and gradually added it into the mixer until it created a cake batter consistency. I then took an Ice Cream scoop to evenly fill the cupcake liners.


Then we put all 24 cupcakes into the oven on 350 ( one on the bottom and one on the top). Unfortunately, we neglected to realize that the levels would cook differently so the bottom rack was a bit brown on the bottom vs. the top rack being normal.

Once they cooled down, we simply took some sandwich bags, filled them with icing, cut the corner to create little icing bags. What I realized is that it is better to invest in a tip for uniformity purposes!

While, personally I love the way the gumball sprinkles looked, I am not too sure if i liked the extra crunch/bite that they added to the cupcakes. I just like the whole bite to be smooth and soft….maybe that’s just me. The day after I made the cupcakes, I added in these colorful lollipops just to give it more of a POP ( I put two into each cupcake at a side angle).

Overall, I think the cupcakes turned out all right but the more I completed them, my mind started to wander as to just how many things I could have done for the “candy-theme”. Plus, I also felt that the cupcakes were a little dry so some oil or yogurt would have been really useful but hey, what can a girl do ?

♥ Bree

21 thoughts on “G.B.W.M: Candy-Yum Cupcakes

  1. Ooh I love this style of post! Definitely following and trying these out, great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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    1. Anekha, Thank you for stopping by Sweetplorations and leaving a comment. I tried to be but I definitely have more to learn about creating a lasting presentation. By the time my family got them, they were melting!

      ~ Bree


    1. Hey Amber,
      Thanks for commenting with your thoughts. I did not intentionally made it mobile friendly, do you mind telling me what exactly makes the photos mobile friendly ( I am assuming the circle format ?).

      ~ Bree


  2. These look delicious ! Cupcakes are my weakness and like I feel you can have two or three it basically equates to a slice of cake cause there only small 😏If you find your cupcakes a bit dry I use to have this problem what I use is liquid stork or butter can be bought in most shops it leaves a lovely moist cupcake but I’m sure your way more experienced then me in this field. Hope you don’t take offence at the tip, they look delicious to me !

    Claire x

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    1. Thank you for commenting Claire! So, it’s a liquid butter too ? Because I did use butter but it did not quite do the trick. Ah, no I am probably not so I’ll consider any recommmendations surely!

      Glad you think so; when things look better than the taste -sighs-.

      ~ Bree

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