Gooood Mooorning!

“Sweet-ality” may not be the most original and best sounding title to call this quiz/tag but it’s really all I could come up with that could best suit the purpose of this post. This tag is one that you can share whomever you like but I am also creating this just for my readers; fellow sweetplorers, so that I can get to know others sweet (perso)nality *ahah*. The question are as followed, have fun & comment below with your answers:

1) What is your favorite kind of Ice Cream ?

2) If you would be any kind of dessert, what would you be ? Why ?


Why ? The base of the cookie is your plain & simple sugar cookie which describes my personality of being a plain-jane kind of girl who likes to keep things simple and the confetti sprinkles show the liveliness/cheerfulness in attitude that I would like to adapt to.

3) It’s Thanksgiving and you can only have one dessert on your table, what would it be ?



4) What is your go-to snack when your down ?

5) Your heading to the movies, what is your ideal movie-treat to have ?

Fullscreen capture 6292017 103451 AM.bmp

While it’s probably closely followed by Buncha Crunch, ideally, popcorn is my go-to for the movies.Buttery..warm..fresh popcorn, it’s just too bad it’s so expensive : /.

6) When you have an Oreo, what do you appreciate more, the cookie or the creme ?

7) Ice Cream, Sorbet, Sherbet Or Gelato ?


This was really not the quickest decision to make, however because Ice Cream offers the consistency that I love and the fact that it’s the most accessible & plentiful option, I had to go with this one. That being said, offer me ANY and I’ll surely enjoy myself!

All righty, it’s your turn now! Answer below or on your blog and I will certainly come to check it out 🙂

~ Bree



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