Hello, I’m Bree! & Welcome to Sweetplorations ♥

Some people like to go exploring through the Amazonian Jungles searching for unique discoveries, through the Scorching Deserts searching for wild animals and abandoned places, through Make-up Stores scowling through the aisles to find eyelashes and lipsticks but we, Sweetplorers, like exploring the sweet world of goodness. Yes, we:

  • look forward to the dessert(s) after dinner and are consciously saving some room for it and if there is no room, we will save some for later when we are less full so we can make sure we enjoy that delicious piece of cake…or whatever it may be.
  • immensely enjoy cruising through the dessert aisles at the supermarket and marveling at all of the new creations; which subsequently may lead to our carts having more sweets than we actually need –ahem-
  • will go out of our way to get the sweet dessert that our heart has set it attention on…through rain or strenous heat…we will have it!
  •  look forward to the snacks that a social event has to offer us, sometimes more than our interaction with people

No….is this just me ? Well, maybe it is but nevertheless Sweetplorers can appreciate the sweet things in life and that’s what we are doing here 🙂

Sweetplorations follows the format of a beauty channel. Some of the things you can expect is: 

First Impressions: This segment will entail giving my opinion on a snack item that I have picked up from the store or from a specialty sweet place. Don’t worry, I’ll keep these short & sweet because none of us have all day to hear about me talking about sweets when they could be eating the sweets…I’m just saying what we are all thinking, right ?

G.B.W.M ( Get Baking With Me): This segment of my blog will just be me sharing a recipe that I have either created myself or am trying from someone else. Ideally, I would love for this to become a sort of GBWM + Girl Chat sort of thing but one thing at a time.

Sweet Finds ( Haul): Sometimes my sweet finds will become a “haul” ( when I can financially and healthily) and other( most) times, this segment will just be me sharing with you guys the sweet goodies ( edible/non-edible) that I have found in stores or online.

Sweetploring: Because I do not drive right now, it is hard for me to get out into the city and to explore sweet places but when I can, I want to go sweetploring to share new ( at least, new to me) that I come across and give you guys the 4-1-1 on my experience. I am really looking forward to this part but it will probably only be once or twice a month…for my teeth’s sake and also my wallet sake : D.

Monthly Favorites ( Coming soon): Each month, there will be one post or one video dedicated to those treats that were the highlight of the month.

Until next time,

Sweetplorations: My Imperfect Journey Of Sweet Goodness