First Impression: Talenti Gelato Vanilla Bean

Hi Guys!

Today, I get to bring to you another first impression of the  Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto; specifically their Vanilla Bean! Initially, I had wanted to try the Tahitian Vanilla Bean but by the time I got back to the store, they only had the regular Vanilla Bean. Since I do not have a car and only Frys ( also known as Krogers) had the flavor for 3.49, I took the rail ( public transportation) to the store and then scurried my patootie home ( well, as fast as the rail could) in 100 + degree weather so that the whole thing did not become mush. Good News: it was softer but not milk so all is well. So, let’s get into this impression, shall we ?


Price: 3.49

What’s The Deal: The first thing I noticed was just how creamy & smooth this gelato ( as all gelato) was. Now before we get into taste, I just have to say now that I am the Vanilla Princess -ahem-…in other words I love Vanilla Ice Cream. I love it here, I love it there, I love it anywhere but nowhere *ha*. Okay okay, but really if I go to Dairy Queen, I have to get Vanilla. If I go to Baskins & Robbins, I get Cookies & Cream but the base is Vanilla, of course. If I go to Graeters Ice Cream, then I also get the Cookies & Cream. Even going to the store, make it a French Vanilla, a Homemade Vanilla, a Vanilla Bean…I am a happy individual. So, when I tried Talenti’s gelato, I also had some Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean in my freezer that I had collected on a previous grocery shopping excursion.


Simply said, Talenti’s Vanilla Bean is quite a subtle treat; the taste of the vanilla base that is the ice cream with the beans is nice and simple. It’s a simple Vanilla Bean. I wouldn’t go to say that the gelato is exploding with exceptional flavor when looked at on a comparatively scale with all of the other makers of the Vanilla Bean flavor but the texture is exceptional.

Would I get it again ? Personally, I would not buy it again but only because Talenti has so many other unique flavors such as the Caramel Cookie Crunch & The Key Lime Pie that I would love to try next.

Until next time,



First Impression: Fudge Stripes Vanilla Cupcake Cookies!

Hi Guys ~

As you might have noticed, there was not a post posted on Friday but since I had to be up for work at 3:45am that day, I just did not have enough time to come on here to post.  But today, I am back with a First Impression and it’s going to be on the new, Fudge Stripes Yellow Bell-O’s Vanilla Cupcakes cookies in light of the new Despicable Me 3 movie ( that I have yet to see). I was scrolling through Wal-Mart and noticed two different cookies types: the Lemmy Num-Num (Lemon) and the ones that I am reviewing today, the cupcake ones.

Price: 2.00

The Taste Test: If you never had the Fudge Stripes Birthday Cake Limited Edition Cookies, then these might come as a particularly unique flavor but since I did have the birthday cake ones, I feel that this practically tasted the same (understandably, I mean how many ways can you imitate cake) ; just without the little confetti sprinkle pieces that were in the birthday ones and yellow-added coloring. Unfortunately, along with the taste was an odd and unpleasant aftertaste that intensified as I washed it down with water … just like the birthday cake ones. On a plus note, maybe it was just me but I felt that the cookies were a bit thicker that the original Fudge Stripes cookies.


Would I Buy This Again ? No and I probably will not get the lemon ones either. I think that these are just their previous birthday cake batter dyed yellow in order to make it more suitable for Despicable Me 3 since their packaging is promoting the movie. If anything, maybe they should have released a Banana Fudge one because that is something relevant to the movie.

♥ Bree



First Impression: Entenmann’s Lemon Glaze Doughnuts

Good Day to you all ~

Today, I wanted to do a first impression of the Entenmann’s “new” Lemon Glaze doughnuts. A few weeks ago I tried the Entenmann’s Honey Glaze Doughnuts so I just had to try these. I literally go to the store every week and I was just scrolling through the bread/doughnut aisle and noticed one box of these so I had to snatch them up just to review for them for you guys here. Have you seen them in the stores near you ?


Price: I believe I paid 3.58 for these ( I know it was 3 something for sure).

The Taste Test: Upon opening the package, I was expecting a strong “lemonade” scent, if you will, to arise from the package but for me, I really did not get too distinctive of a aroma from the doughnuts. As I took a bite into the doughnut, it was soft and I believe just their classic buttermilk doughnut but that was not I bought them for….I bought them for the taste of the lemon. While I was expecting almost like a Lemon Pound Cake in doughnut form, I do feel that the lemon taste was a lot more subtle here since it is just the “glaze” that holds the lemon flavor. What I did like about the glaze is that there was an increased flakiness of the glaze ( seemingly). As tasty as the doughnuts are, I do wish they would have added more lemon juice ( if that’s what they used to make the glaze) to the actual doughnut batter. I can appreciate the subtlety of the lemon flavor because it points in a more natural direction than artificial but I guess I wanted more of a lemon cake doughnut than just the glaze being lemon.

Would I buy it again ? Nah, I’ll just stick with their regular buttermilk doughnut and by the looks of it, since this is a limited edition, I won’t be trying it again anyway.

Have you ever had Entenmann’s doughnuts ? If so, what is your favorite one ?

♥ Bree

First Impression: Shopping For Snow Cone Syrup at Target: Candy Crush!

Good Day to you guys!

While summer is still here, I thought it would be very fitting for me to do a first impression on some of the snow cone syrup’s that I have found in stores. For our first impression, I went on the hunt at Target for snow cone syrup. At first, all I could find was some Strawberry Margarita mix and I was almost tempted to get it if it was not for the impending thought in the back of my head of A. It could have some alcohol in it or some other mature substance or B. I did not want to waste any money if it turned out poorly. So, after scavenging through the seasonal aisle, the soda/drink aisle and the kitchen aisle, I decided to slowly walk behind the kitchen aisle and there I found some snow cone syrup; specifically the Candy Crush kind. I was so excited that I almost forgot about the price and was going to gather up every flavor until I remembered that they had a price! Even though they were on clearance, I knew it would be a waste of money if I did not like them so I just grabbed up two: The Juicy Watermelon and the Divine Red Cherry!


Price: 2.08 ( originally 2.99).

Let’s start with the Juicy Watermelon:

It sounds refreshing and appealing right ? That’s what I thought until I took in the aroma of it right before I was getting ready to turn it into a slushy and it had some sort of medicine-unpleasant smell to it. Let’s just say that this brand looks betters and uses more appealing titles than for what it tastes like. I was NOT impressed in the least and in fact, I could not finish the watermelon alone so I had to put some cherry in it to make it taste better. I can not even put my finger on why I did not like it so I did end up tasting just the syrup in a cup itself and while the flavor was more distinguishable as a candy-watermelon, there was still nothing to be desired there. This is just my first impression of it. Maybe somebody out there would love it but I could not. You can imagine my agony when I accidentally tried to squeeze some more cherry into the drink and it ended up being more Watermelon -_-.


Now not as optimistic about my new purchases, I decided to try the Divine Red Cherry…..

This flavor certainly tasted better than the Watermelon and another girl that tried it said that she liked it and that she felt that it did not have a cough syrup aftertaste that sometimes things that are flavored “cherry” has. However, I really feel like Candy Crush did not master the taste of their cherry and that is was definitely not “divine”. I know that it’s just a name but I was just expecting more. The consistency was nice and the taste was not bad; just the anticipation before having a snow cone and tasting this one, was disappointing!

Overall, I love the packaging of Candy Crush and maybe the whole point of this syrup was indeed to taste like “Candy” but I could not finish either bottle and had to throw it in the trash. Trust me, I REALLY love frozen/fruit flavored treats so I was not happy to have to throw these away ( and waste money). But no, they should have been just an even 2.00 from the beginning! No wonder they were on clearance…or at least that’s just my perspective of it.

Would I Buy It Again ? No to the no! I am probably still a little hurt that I wasted the 4.00 dollars that I did : D.

Do you like snow cones, what is your favorite flavor ? Comment below with your thoughts 🙂

Join me next Monday for another first impression of some Snow Cone Syrup’s I found at Wal-Mart!

♥ Bree


First Impression: Talenti Gelato Mediterranean Mint

Hello to you! It’s time for another –drum roll– first impression and today I am sooo excited to bring to you guys my first impression of the Talenti Gelato Mediterranean Mint.

Now, admittedly, I only wanted to try one flavor of their’s: specifically the Tahitian Vanilla Bean but when I saw that they did not have it at Wal-Mart, I figured that I would try something that I usually would not try. The flavor of choice ended up being the Mediterran after the longest pondering session I’ve ever had in the ice cream aisle. No, really an employee ended up stopping to ask me if I needed something because I probably had the most indecisive & perplexed expression. It was a close tie between grabbing up the Mint or the Raspberry Sorbetto but since they only had one Mint left, I figured I would go with that one. Now that I think about it, it might have been nice to try either the Caramel Apple Pie or the Vanilla Blueberry Crumble. Anyhoo, enough talking, let’s get to the gelato itself,


The Price: 3.48.

First, I really like the simple yet sophisticated packaging that Talenti went with and the price here at Wal-Mart really was not bad comparatively. I believe I saw Talenti at CVS for 6.48 or something along those lines. I mean, yeah…not happening….ever. Nope. Now for the taste:

The gelato itself was creamy and the initial taste is this unfamiliar touch of mint and the after taste is strong with the chocolate chips. Personally, I am not too crazy about chocolate chips in anything and I have just hopped on the mint ice cream bandwagon so having this flavor was…different…let’s just say that. It was not bad, AT ALL , it’s good but I feel like I was left with a bigger impression of the chocolate chips than the mint gelato itself; but maybe that’s just me. Overall, I think it’s a good deal for 3.48 considering that you might even pay more going to a specialty gelato/ice cream shop (Shoo, a kiddie scoop might cost you between 2.50-3.00 + tax). Would I buy this again ? As of right now, no. Not because the quality and taste is not there, just because the flavor I am just not too much a fan of. However, it is certainly worth trying and finding which flavor is best for you! For me, I am excited to try more of their flavors and to expand my horizon.

Have you tried Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto before ? Comment below on which flavor(s) you have tried.

♥ Bree ♥



First Impression: LifeSaver Gummies Neons

Hi Fellow Sweetplorers!

It’s Monnnnnday & I wanted to do a quick first impression of the new Lifesaver gummies Neons that I saw in CVS the other day. I am not sure if these are “new” persay but it was the first time I saw them so, it was new to me nevertheless. There were a few other new gummy concepts that I noticed such as the LifeSavers Collision Gummies and the Exotic flavors of the world, one. Admittedly, it would have been a close tie between getting the exotic flavors vs. the Neon ones that I did get but I had to make sure that I would like at least a few than to be stuck with a bag of little nasties:

Let break this down per gummy:


Cherry Lime Splash: Once you get chewing, it reminded me of a fruity cough drop… kidding. Now maybe it was just me but after I tried it again, the cherry seemingly prevailed over the lime, leaving the lime as a fresh aftertaste if that makes any sense. Unfortunately, for me, the bag has quite a few of this kind -sighs-.

Bold Berry: The bold berry reminds me of a lesser sweet version of the blue syrup that is in blue-shaded snow cones. Not bad…not bad at all : D.

The Electric Lemonade: WOW, this one came with a pop of lemonade in my mouth; truly the flavor is right on point and distinguishable as soon as I tasted it; unlike the previous ones.

Pink Punch: This one is particularly tasty in a good way, but I did not see a lot of them in the bag, which is sad because it does remind me of a cheap fruit punch and I am not mad about it.

Orange Pop: I don’t know whether the “pop” aspect referred to the POP of flavor that was suppose to come or pop in reference to an orange soda but it just tasted like a basic orange gummy. It was good but I don’t know what was “pop” about it. Hmmmmmm…..

Overall, I think the Pink Punch one was my favorite with a close following of the electric lemonade. It was not the best tasting gummy that I had but I found the flavor to be not only unique but tasty. Though, I am not big on candy, lifesaver classic gummies have always been a nice treat so trying these, was a must. While nothing tops the original, these are not a bad addition to the growing lifesaver family.

♥ Bree♥

First Impression: Fruit Loop Doughnut From Fractured Prune AZ

Good Morning to you guys!

So for today’s first impression, I thought that I would share my first impression of the newly available Fruit Loop Doughnut from one of Fractured Prune Doughnut locations in Arizona. They have also released a Rise Krispies + Marshmallows Glaze + Cinnamon Sugar doughnut but since I rarely have FPAZ doughnuts these days, I thought I would just try a little bit of each doughnut at a time.


 Brief Background: Fractured Prune Doughnuts has been established since 1976 and what sets them apart is there one & only cake based doughnut that is only made to order. You can have them custom with any topping and glaze that you want or you can choose from over 30 pre-made combinations. And just in case your wondering, there are no prunes involved as the store was simply named to commemorate a lady named Prunella Shriek who broke/fractured her bones as she competed into sports.



Now, let’s get into trying this doughnut, shall we ?


The Fruit Loop Doughnut ( Vanilla + Fruit Loops): Biting into this hot doughnut, made me forget just how yummy a doughnut can taste that is freshly made; especially a cake doughnut. It’s interior was ever so soft with a light crunch. As for it’s topping, at the first bite out of two, I could not really taste the Fruit Loops at the forefront but they certainly made for an aftertaste of the good kind. Not to mention, surprisingly since the Fruit Loop toppings on the display, they have not developed a chewy texture ( as in stale) but even if it did, I am pretty sure it would not make much of a difference being on such a sweet doughnut.

IMG_3117 a different angle -ahem-

Overall Impression: It is good doughnut and it being served hot & fresh serves in FPAZ favor. That being said though, I do feel that this is more of a novelty doughnut for it’s classic & childhood favorite topping being Fruit Loop and it’s colorful ( appealing) look but it does not stand out alone for it’s taste. I would absolutely recommend this fun & tasty doughnut for anyone to try at least once, though 🙂

Thanks for joining me for today’s First Impression post & hope that for National Doughnut Day, that you treated yourself to a doughnut or few.

~ Breee