First Impression: Fudge Stripes Vanilla Cupcake Cookies!

Hi Guys ~

As you might have noticed, there was not a post posted on Friday but since I had to be up for work at 3:45am that day, I just did not have enough time to come on here to post.  But today, I am back with a First Impression and it’s going to be on the new, Fudge Stripes Yellow Bell-O’s Vanilla Cupcakes cookies in light of the new Despicable Me 3 movie ( that I have yet to see). I was scrolling through Wal-Mart and noticed two different cookies types: the Lemmy Num-Num (Lemon) and the ones that I am reviewing today, the cupcake ones.

Price: 2.00

The Taste Test: If you never had the Fudge Stripes Birthday Cake Limited Edition Cookies, then these might come as a particularly unique flavor but since I did have the birthday cake ones, I feel that this practically tasted the same (understandably, I mean how many ways can you imitate cake) ; just without the little confetti sprinkle pieces that were in the birthday ones and yellow-added coloring. Unfortunately, along with the taste was an odd and unpleasant aftertaste that intensified as I washed it down with water … just like the birthday cake ones. On a plus note, maybe it was just me but I felt that the cookies were a bit thicker that the original Fudge Stripes cookies.


Would I Buy This Again ? No and I probably will not get the lemon ones either. I think that these are just their previous birthday cake batter dyed yellow in order to make it more suitable for Despicable Me 3 since their packaging is promoting the movie. If anything, maybe they should have released a Banana Fudge one because that is something relevant to the movie.

♥ Bree