First Impression: Entenmann’s Lemon Glaze Doughnuts

Good Day to you all ~

Today, I wanted to do a first impression of the Entenmann’s “new” Lemon Glaze doughnuts. A few weeks ago I tried the Entenmann’s Honey Glaze Doughnuts so I just had to try these. I literally go to the store every week and I was just scrolling through the bread/doughnut aisle and noticed one box of these so I had to snatch them up just to review for them for you guys here. Have you seen them in the stores near you ?


Price: I believe I paid 3.58 for these ( I know it was 3 something for sure).

The Taste Test: Upon opening the package, I was expecting a strong “lemonade” scent, if you will, to arise from the package but for me, I really did not get too distinctive of a aroma from the doughnuts. As I took a bite into the doughnut, it was soft and I believe just their classic buttermilk doughnut but that was not I bought them for….I bought them for the taste of the lemon. While I was expecting almost like a Lemon Pound Cake in doughnut form, I do feel that the lemon taste was a lot more subtle here since it is just the “glaze” that holds the lemon flavor. What I did like about the glaze is that there was an increased flakiness of the glaze ( seemingly). As tasty as the doughnuts are, I do wish they would have added more lemon juice ( if that’s what they used to make the glaze) to the actual doughnut batter. I can appreciate the subtlety of the lemon flavor because it points in a more natural direction than artificial but I guess I wanted more of a lemon cake doughnut than just the glaze being lemon.

Would I buy it again ? Nah, I’ll just stick with their regular buttermilk doughnut and by the looks of it, since this is a limited edition, I won’t be trying it again anyway.

Have you ever had Entenmann’s doughnuts ? If so, what is your favorite one ?

♥ Bree

Sweet Shenanigans: Making Mini Doughnuts

Good Morning Sweetplorers,

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my newest shenanigans: Making Mini Doughnuts using biscuit dough. Knowing the results, I do not know why I attempted to do this anyway because though, I loved the texture, the sweetness of doughnut dough was just absent but nevertheless, I still want to share this moment with you guys anyway because it does fit the into what my sweet “shenanigans” is all about:

First, I took some Pillsbury Junior Biscuits and I made a hole at the center to imitate the doughnut shape.


Then, I heated up some canola oil ( at a 4) in a skillet, then I moved the oil to another pan just so the dough could further be immersed in the oil


I moved the doughnuts after they finished cooking on both sides to the oil and they were done ( I only did 3 out of 5)


Last but not least, I took some Pillsbury Vanilla icing ( because that’s what I had) and melted it in the microwave and then poured everything on top. It looked so pretty!


Unfortunately, it did not taste as pretty as it looked : /. Basically, it was not a doughnut but still fried biscuit with now, a sweet icing on top. It was not horrible and I, personally, could appreciate the texture as I bit into it but it definitely was no doughnut because it was not sweet! To make matters worst, even though I should have known better, I put the pan with oil in the sink and started to run water over it and all the sudden it started popping up like popcorn…ALL over ( on me, on the floor) and I was so SCARED! Yeah, imagine hot oil just spraying up into the air…I had never seen something like THAT in my life. So now, I think I am done messing with oil at home for a long time due to my slight traumatization -sighs-.

Have you ever had any crazy kitchen incidents, share your story below!

♥ Bree


First Impression: Fruit Loop Doughnut From Fractured Prune AZ

Good Morning to you guys!

So for today’s first impression, I thought that I would share my first impression of the newly available Fruit Loop Doughnut from one of Fractured Prune Doughnut locations in Arizona. They have also released a Rise Krispies + Marshmallows Glaze + Cinnamon Sugar doughnut but since I rarely have FPAZ doughnuts these days, I thought I would just try a little bit of each doughnut at a time.


 Brief Background: Fractured Prune Doughnuts has been established since 1976 and what sets them apart is there one & only cake based doughnut that is only made to order. You can have them custom with any topping and glaze that you want or you can choose from over 30 pre-made combinations. And just in case your wondering, there are no prunes involved as the store was simply named to commemorate a lady named Prunella Shriek who broke/fractured her bones as she competed into sports.



Now, let’s get into trying this doughnut, shall we ?


The Fruit Loop Doughnut ( Vanilla + Fruit Loops): Biting into this hot doughnut, made me forget just how yummy a doughnut can taste that is freshly made; especially a cake doughnut. It’s interior was ever so soft with a light crunch. As for it’s topping, at the first bite out of two, I could not really taste the Fruit Loops at the forefront but they certainly made for an aftertaste of the good kind. Not to mention, surprisingly since the Fruit Loop toppings on the display, they have not developed a chewy texture ( as in stale) but even if it did, I am pretty sure it would not make much of a difference being on such a sweet doughnut.

IMG_3117 a different angle -ahem-

Overall Impression: It is good doughnut and it being served hot & fresh serves in FPAZ favor. That being said though, I do feel that this is more of a novelty doughnut for it’s classic & childhood favorite topping being Fruit Loop and it’s colorful ( appealing) look but it does not stand out alone for it’s taste. I would absolutely recommend this fun & tasty doughnut for anyone to try at least once, though 🙂

Thanks for joining me for today’s First Impression post & hope that for National Doughnut Day, that you treated yourself to a doughnut or few.

~ Breee







First Impression: Entenmann’s Honey Glazed Doughnuts

Rise & Shine, this morning!

Today, I wanted to do a first impression of a limited, new edition of doughnuts to the Entenmann’s family: the Honey Glazed doughnut. Now, with Entenmann’s being a bit on the pricier side for me, I had saw them previously but I could not convince myself to pick up a pack until now. Even though it was a close call between getting my favorite: The Chocolate frosted ones, I decided to change it up and snag these so that I could share them with you guys here.



Visually, these doughnuts look very smiliar to Entenmann’s regular glazed buttermilk doughnuts; just on the lighter side ( not as dense). Upon opening up the packaging, I did feel that some of the doughnuts were smaller than others but that just could be me.

Now, for the moment I have been waiting for ( and you too): the taste test. For some reason, I wanted them to taste reminiscent of like, a cruller doughnut but instead, they just tasted like a really light version of the buttermilk. Perhaps it has just been that long since I’ve had a buttermilk glaze doughnut but the taste of the “honey” was so subtle that honestly, I do not feel the taste is distinctive enough to become something new & lasting against the usual Entenmann’s favorites. The doughnut itself was moist & tasted fresh ( even though it is a boxed doughnut) but taste-wise, I am not floored to the point where I have to have it again.


Have you ever had Entenmann’s doughnuts, if so what is your favorite ?

♥ Bree ♥

A Day In The Life Of A Doughnut Designer

Hi Guys!

With today being National Doughnut Day in all, I thought it would be quite fitting to you through my current job-life; being a Doughnut Designer. Now contrary to what the position title suggests, it’s certainly not a glamorous job…in fact the name is just a clever/crafty title to substitute for what I actually do; I dip doughnuts into over 12 glazes + multiple toppings to create over 30 combinations of doughnuts. Don’t get me wrong, I immensely enjoy dipping the doughnuts but the “designer” part of it is somewhat a stretch ( in my head, at least). Nevertheless, here is what an average day looks like for me:

On average, I am arriving to work between 5:00- 7am but it really depends on what type of orders that we must do ( bulk dozens, special event/occasion, etc). Even though we do not open until 8 ( pretty late for a doughnut shop, right ?), the reason we have to get there earlier is because we have to make sure the fryer is turned on and can heat up. The fryer is our lifeline…no fryer action, no doughnut action and we are in trouble:

Moving on, it’s time to do the morning dishes before we open. Personally, I adore doing dishes so I could do this all the day long, buut I can’t so this time is pretty much my favorite time of the work day. I am strange…I know….

Now, we are open and it’s time drop that dough ( haha, see what I did there ?).  At this particular doughnut shop, we make our doughnuts to order so there are none sitting out in the morning so the first dipped doughnut is made when the customer orders one: 


When there are no customers, I can be found making glazes or cleaning something or the other. Not that it matters or anything but I consider myself to be the glaze master:

IMG_3235 or IMG_3211

And when customer orders a doughnut, we take their order, we drop their doughnuts into the fryer and that is when the excitement begins ( at least, for the customers). I just proceed to nearly burn my finger tips as I impatiently grab the doughnut for dipping:


A smore…a fruit loop…an apple pie…a bacon bomb…the list goes on and on and on and on and on….

And that’s pretty much the cycle of the day until my shift is over. I make dough, I drop doughnuts, I take people’s orders, I dip doughnuts, I clean in between and/or I am just refilling a topping or glaze. I know that there is not much here to see but I just wanted to share what I could share without getting too intrusive to the point that I could get in trouble. As with any job, my favorite part of working as a Doughnut shop worker is the dipping process itself and becoming creative/excited to create a new combination of flavors. Welcome to the life of a doughnut designer and now signing out as, 

~ Bree ♥ The Doughnut Designer ♥