First Impression: Entenmann’s Lemon Glaze Doughnuts

Good Day to you all ~

Today, I wanted to do a first impression of the Entenmann’s “new” Lemon Glaze doughnuts. A few weeks ago I tried the Entenmann’s Honey Glaze Doughnuts so I just had to try these. I literally go to the store every week and I was just scrolling through the bread/doughnut aisle and noticed one box of these so I had to snatch them up just to review for them for you guys here. Have you seen them in the stores near you ?


Price: I believe I paid 3.58 for these ( I know it was 3 something for sure).

The Taste Test: Upon opening the package, I was expecting a strong “lemonade” scent, if you will, to arise from the package but for me, I really did not get too distinctive of a aroma from the doughnuts. As I took a bite into the doughnut, it was soft and I believe just their classic buttermilk doughnut but that was not I bought them for….I bought them for the taste of the lemon. While I was expecting almost like a Lemon Pound Cake in doughnut form, I do feel that the lemon taste was a lot more subtle here since it is just the “glaze” that holds the lemon flavor. What I did like about the glaze is that there was an increased flakiness of the glaze ( seemingly). As tasty as the doughnuts are, I do wish they would have added more lemon juice ( if that’s what they used to make the glaze) to the actual doughnut batter. I can appreciate the subtlety of the lemon flavor because it points in a more natural direction than artificial but I guess I wanted more of a lemon cake doughnut than just the glaze being lemon.

Would I buy it again ? Nah, I’ll just stick with their regular buttermilk doughnut and by the looks of it, since this is a limited edition, I won’t be trying it again anyway.

Have you ever had Entenmann’s doughnuts ? If so, what is your favorite one ?

♥ Bree

First Impression: Entenmann’s Honey Glazed Doughnuts

Rise & Shine, this morning!

Today, I wanted to do a first impression of a limited, new edition of doughnuts to the Entenmann’s family: the Honey Glazed doughnut. Now, with Entenmann’s being a bit on the pricier side for me, I had saw them previously but I could not convince myself to pick up a pack until now. Even though it was a close call between getting my favorite: The Chocolate frosted ones, I decided to change it up and snag these so that I could share them with you guys here.



Visually, these doughnuts look very smiliar to Entenmann’s regular glazed buttermilk doughnuts; just on the lighter side ( not as dense). Upon opening up the packaging, I did feel that some of the doughnuts were smaller than others but that just could be me.

Now, for the moment I have been waiting for ( and you too): the taste test. For some reason, I wanted them to taste reminiscent of like, a cruller doughnut but instead, they just tasted like a really light version of the buttermilk. Perhaps it has just been that long since I’ve had a buttermilk glaze doughnut but the taste of the “honey” was so subtle that honestly, I do not feel the taste is distinctive enough to become something new & lasting against the usual Entenmann’s favorites. The doughnut itself was moist & tasted fresh ( even though it is a boxed doughnut) but taste-wise, I am not floored to the point where I have to have it again.


Have you ever had Entenmann’s doughnuts, if so what is your favorite ?

♥ Bree ♥