Sweet Finds: 3 Mail Home-Ice Cream Shops That Caught My Heart ♥

I can live without cake, I can live without doughnuts, I can live without candy but one thing that I must have is Ice Cream. Ice cream here, ice cream there, Ice cream everywhere because I care. No really, though; I think Ice cream is my favorite dessert of all times! So, the idea of buying ice cream online was quite exciting and when I found these three stores online, it became a goal to be able to purchase from each of these stores at least once in my life.

First, we have a popular ice cream brand known as Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

Fullscreen capture 662017 81653 PM.bmp


Price per pint: 12.00 ( Minimum of three for delivery)

Jeni’s was founded in 2002 and is devoted to creating quality & delicious ice cream without the artificial flavors and additives that can be found in some ice cream products out there. Jeni’s has everything from a Cream Puff flavor to a Brambleberry Sorbet to a Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean. I think if I had to choose ( and it would be hard to), I would go with the Ndali estate Vanilla bean because I am crazy about Vanilla, the Cookies & Cream Pint and the Lemon Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt. I just…can’t…wait!

Next, we have Graeter’s Ice Cream:

Fullscreen capture 662017 82824 PM.bmp

Price per pack (6): 79.95 = about 13-14 dollars per pint

Graeter’s was actually an ice cream shop that was quite the treat when I lived in Ohio. I always used to stick with my one and only flavor: the Cookies & Cream ( oh my golly). Graeters was founded in 1870 in Ohio and they use a french pot method to make their ice cream ( and clearly, all these years later the methods works for them). The great thing about Graeter’s is that they can be found in select stores; for instance I have seen their brand in Fry’s/Krogers but only a few select flavors. As for me, if I could grab up a pint or a few from Graeter’s, it would have to be the Cookies & Cream and their Madagascar Vanilla Bean ice cream.

Last but certainly not least, there’s Salt & Straw, based out of Portland, LA & San Francisco.

Fullscreen capture 662017 90608 PM.bmp


Price per pack (5): 65.00 ( about 13.00 per pint)

What I could immediately appreciate about Salt & Straw was it’s use of fresh ingredients to create such intriguing flavors such as their Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons or Roasted Strawberry & Toasted White Chocolate. Founded in 2011 by the Malek cousins, the ice cream shop produces flavor combinations that are unique & fresh. While there are a few flavors that I can not see myself trying personally, I know that I would not mind trying the “Salted, Malted and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough”, the Cinnamon Snickerdoodle, the Double Fold Vanilla and the Roasted Strawberry Tres Leches. This would be quite the place for a unique ice cream experience….Perhaps, a Sweetploration trip in the future ? I tell you, goals…GOALS!

♥ Bree♥




DIY Mini Push Pops Using Paper Towel Rolls!

Good Morning to you this Monday!

Today, I want to share with you this little DIY idea that I think would be a cute little treat for parties or…just….yourself because that is okay too! So, let me give you a little backstory: Nearly every time I finish a toilet paper roll, I am reminded of how feasible it would be to make a “push pop” with it instead of throwing it away. Yes, those lovable ice cream treats ( my favorite was the Orange Sherbet, what about you ?) that we used to love as a kid and for some of us, that we still adore to this day. That being said, while the toilet paper roll is actually the perfect size ( I think) to make one, it can be quite an icky situation with it being in the bathroom in all so I decided to work with a paper towel roll instead to attempt to make my own push pops…here’s what I came up with.

What I Used:

Paper Towel Roll ( Cut into fours, I just show one here).

Gift wrapping paper ( I only had my Hello Kitty paper from Christmas but there are so many varieties of paper that you can make yours for any occasion, really).


One Plastic Sandwich Bag

One plastic bottle cap lid

One spice-lid

What To Do:

Step 1) Take your paper towel roll and cut it into sections. * If you want mini’s pops, make your sections smalll…larger, you get the point I am sure 🙂



Step 2) Take your plastic sandwich bag and cut off the top, then turn the bag inside out. What you will do now is wrap the bag into a circle that will fit the length and width of your paper towel roll. * Make sure it is well in there, I used some tape to make sure the circle stayed put. You could probably also use aluminum foil inside too.

Step 3) Cut off a section of your gift wrapping paper and wrap it around the roll, secure with glue/tape. *You can cut off most of the excess paper on the bottom if there is some.

Step 4) Place your mini roll into your spice container ( make sure it is well fitted around the roll so there is no linkage situation. * It may not fit perfectly but that’s okay. You may be able to find something that fits better for the bottom of your pops

Step 5) Lastly, insert your stick ( this can be a hard straw/some sort of rod (cake pop stick) into your plastic bottle cap lid by inserting a whole into the middle of the lid with a pen then poking the straw through. You will then proceed to glue this cap with your stick into the middle bottom of the spice lid.


Step 6) Fill your pop with Ice Cream * I let my Rainbow Sherbet filling sit out for a little while to soften up


And there you have it 🙂

So, I want to know, what kind of ice cream would you put in your push pop ?

♥ Bree ♥