Snack & Chat: When Expectations Become Preferences

Good Morning to you! Here we are again with another Snack & Chat. Let’s grab a snack and get started:

We all have preferences: things that we prefer with consideration to ourselves. We all have expectations: things that we expect will happen. While neither is negative, I do think that when expectations become centered around preferences towards someone, they can become negative.

There is a certain kind of hopefulness ( at least, in my mind) that I associate with having expectations. When one has expectations for someone, they have high hopes that they can be, that they can do and that they can achieve. Yes, the person believes and is confident in whoever that have the expectations for to do so, but it is more about that person just being a better them for them; than a better them for you. The issue comes when our expectations just become our preferences for how someone should be, react or act in a given situation. In other words, we expect them to act in the ways that “we” see because we made it about us vs. making it about them.  No wonder we are agitated and frustrated ? It was not because they did not meet what we expected, but because they did not do what we preferred.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with setting expectations for one another;it’s so important to but there’s a point where expectations can become more about serving our own interest and controllling -ahem- others than about hoping for the best for their lives. It is inevitable that we all have preferences but we all have to learn the boundaries of our preferences so that they do not affect those who will be impressed upon them negatively. If we have expectations, we have to be mindful and let the other person can decide how/whether or not those expectations will be seen/met in their own lives.

I hope I am making sense: would love to see your comments below.

♥ Bree ♥


Sweetploring at The Phoenix Public Market

Hi Guys,

Are YOU ready for a sweet adventure ? I certainly was as I made my way out to the Phoenix Public Market after I finally managed to get a Saturday off from work. Unfortunately, it was unbelievably “musty” outside to the point that personally, I did not stay as long as probably would have if it was a cooler/more clear day out. Nevertheless, I did manage to hunt down some sweet goods that I wanted to share here – imagine me saying this in my wanna-be animal explorer-like voice-. Let’s just delve right into this adventure sweetplorers:

Peanut Butter Americano: as much as I am sure most of us are used to the typical creamy or crunchy peanut butter sold in our groceries stores, Peanut Butter Americano takes the peanut butter game to an whole other level. I mean Cinnamon Honey…Choco Blanco…yes we are talking about kinds of peanut butter!

Main Squeeze Lemonade: I had visited this place last year ( so, I want to say) and I just had to revisit and try some of their Strawberry Lemonade again. They specialize in lemonade that is natural & yes, delicious. They have Watermelon, Old Fashioned, Strawberry, Pineapple AND MANGO -woo-


Heavenly Bites: I had never seen this place at the market before but it has been forever since I have gotten a chance to come so that’s no surprise. This place makes sweet things that not only taste good but that is good for you ( Organic & Healthy) :

Next, the Arizona Bread Company ( based in Scottsdale, I want to say) is a vendor that I have visited before and frankly, one can definetely appreciate their prices. Today, they had doughnuts and I kid you not, the largest cinnamon roll ( and one of the best deals) I have ever seen. I just picked up a buttermilk glaze ( so good & thick) doughnut for 1.75!

I noticed a place called Breezy Pops when I entered into the Phoenix Public Market and apparently, they offer natural ice pops; ” Latin American style”. From their Juicy Strawberry to their Sweet & Sour Lemon to the Creamy Horchata, it reminded me of Paletta’s Betty but a different spin, of course.


For me, the BEST part of the Phoenix Public Market is open not just when the market is open but every day, the Phoenix Public Market Cafe. I had visited it for the first time a few weeks ago and I was really impressed with their portion sizes ( huuge), quality of food and the unique environment. Upon walking in the side door, I was greeted by these delicious looking cinnamon rolls and then a beautiful array of bakery cookies, cake, Macaroons, homemade poptarts and more! Unfortunately, their treats are a bit on the pricier range but every once in a while, I am sure it is worth paying for!

Overall, I love the idea of supporting local businesses which is why I can always appreciate the Farmer’s Market. Unfortunately in the heat and due to the musty conditions today, I could not fully enjoy it to it’s full potential ( that and another reason that I won’t mention) but if I can revisit, I surely will. There were more vendors there that I am sure I could have taken note  and I am sure many more of a variety of vendors that come depending on the Saturday that one goes but this is what I got when I went 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this little short, but sweet adventure. See you on Wednesday!

~ Bree

Sweetplorations On Facebook + 1 Month Recap

Hi Fellow Sweetplorers,

Today’s post is going to be different from the rest but I promise that on Monday, we will be back to all of our Sweetploring activities : D. I just wanted to take today to share some of the latest updates with Sweetplorations, extend some gratitude towards you sweet-readers and to just jot down some goals that I have for this blog & wherever else Sweetplorations may go.

I started Sweetplorations on May 25th, 2017 ( I know that now this post comes a bit late but since it’s only a week or so over, I thought I’d make it 1 month anyway).

IMG_3677 Since we’ve started,

  • viewers have visited from Australia, Pakistan, The United Kingdom, India, Canada, Poland, Italy South Africa, Romania, Phillipines, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, etc and from my home, United States. It’s pretty awesome that Sweetploration has been visited internationally ♥
  • we averaged out 15 views in May ( even though we did start towards the very end of the month) but we also averaged out 200+ views for the month of June. * Hip hip hooray for progress, right ?*
  • with two post in May, 1 in July, the rest in June, there was a total of 16 post that has been posted since we started! We went on two Sweetplorations: Yogurtini & The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, we have done two G.B.W.M: Cinnamon Roll Cake & Confetti Cookies , we have also snack & chatted two times about Beautiful Questions and the importance of asking instead of assuming and a lot more!

This is just what I could gather from analytic myself but truly it is every single view ( better referred to as presence) that really is appreciated here. Without any readers, this would be a more difficult journey to go on but every notice that anyone is reading keeps me going. Thank you all who have ever visited, like or even followed; all I can encourage is that you let me know that you are here because I for one, am certainly glad that you gave this little blog a moment of your time.


Now for goals for Sweetplorations:

  • I would love to continue posting 3x a week on Monday-Wednesday & Friday. Now even though I do this now, consistency has always been a struggle for me so my goal for July is just to STICK WITH IT.
  • I would love to post a YouTube video of some sort for Sweetplorations. I’ve been saying for the lonnngessst that I would like to post a video on YouTube and what better way to start then with something I actually enjoy: Sweetploring!
  • I would like to manage the new, Sweetplorations Facebook page consistently so that I may gain my own unique, username, Sweetplorations. All I need to do is build a community of 25. If you would be interested in having Sweetplorations be a page that you visit, feel free to check out it out here.

If you have made it to this far in the post, THANK YOU! At the end of the day, my passion for sweets keeps me going but also having a genuine community ( myself, included) helps me to keep going too. Let’s make July an even sweeter month here ( and I certainly plan to) on Sweetplorations!

♥ Bree

P.S: Thank you for all of you who have stuck with me as I have navigated designing this blog, I think I have FINALLY reached a point in the design that I love it. It is seriously a goal of mine to STAYWITHIT for the remainder of this year. 

First Impression: LifeSaver Gummies Neons

Hi Fellow Sweetplorers!

It’s Monnnnnday & I wanted to do a quick first impression of the new Lifesaver gummies Neons that I saw in CVS the other day. I am not sure if these are “new” persay but it was the first time I saw them so, it was new to me nevertheless. There were a few other new gummy concepts that I noticed such as the LifeSavers Collision Gummies and the Exotic flavors of the world, one. Admittedly, it would have been a close tie between getting the exotic flavors vs. the Neon ones that I did get but I had to make sure that I would like at least a few than to be stuck with a bag of little nasties:

Let break this down per gummy:


Cherry Lime Splash: Once you get chewing, it reminded me of a fruity cough drop… kidding. Now maybe it was just me but after I tried it again, the cherry seemingly prevailed over the lime, leaving the lime as a fresh aftertaste if that makes any sense. Unfortunately, for me, the bag has quite a few of this kind -sighs-.

Bold Berry: The bold berry reminds me of a lesser sweet version of the blue syrup that is in blue-shaded snow cones. Not bad…not bad at all : D.

The Electric Lemonade: WOW, this one came with a pop of lemonade in my mouth; truly the flavor is right on point and distinguishable as soon as I tasted it; unlike the previous ones.

Pink Punch: This one is particularly tasty in a good way, but I did not see a lot of them in the bag, which is sad because it does remind me of a cheap fruit punch and I am not mad about it.

Orange Pop: I don’t know whether the “pop” aspect referred to the POP of flavor that was suppose to come or pop in reference to an orange soda but it just tasted like a basic orange gummy. It was good but I don’t know what was “pop” about it. Hmmmmmm…..

Overall, I think the Pink Punch one was my favorite with a close following of the electric lemonade. It was not the best tasting gummy that I had but I found the flavor to be not only unique but tasty. Though, I am not big on candy, lifesaver classic gummies have always been a nice treat so trying these, was a must. While nothing tops the original, these are not a bad addition to the growing lifesaver family.

♥ Bree♥

Sweetploring: The Rocky Mountain Factory

Good Morning Everyone & Welcome to our first Sweetploration: We are heading to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.


As the name suggest, this sweet place is filled with decadent confectionery treats: ranging from candy apples, chocolate covered marshmallow to a wide assortment of unique truffles. Upon walking in, you are not only being greeted by their workers but by an impressive array of Candy Apples…if I must say so myself.


Admittedly, I think the apples look fantastic and would be such thoughtful gifts on their own but for the price, ranging from 5- nearly 10 dollars, it’s certainly a treat

Once I moved past the apples, there was quite the arrangement of every chocolate-covered goodie that one could want: Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Chocolate Covered Smore’s, Chocolate Covered Twinkies…yes TWINKIES. The only reservation that I had was the seemingly pricy price tag attached to all of these goodies ranged. I mean a dollar something for one chocolate covered oreo, I can buy an entire package + chocolate for only five something depending on the chocolate.


After this, I noticed a top shelf of select fudge such as a Vanilla Cranberry, the classic Cookies & Cream, the Grasshopper ( a minty + vanilla-based fudge) and of course, the Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge. Underneath the plethora of fudge was the most truffles I have seen in one place:


From a sweet & fun Birthday Cake truffle filled with cake to the Red Velvet truffle to the Key Lime Truffle tp the Smore truffle to the Iced Cappuccino truffle to the ROOTBEER FLOAT TRUFFLE with half white chocolate & vanilla and many more, Rocky Mountain Factory had a truffle for every taste. Look at those beauties!

If you don’t already want to go to here, then perhaps what I saw next would interest you: Large Peanut Butter cups. You can forget the little small Reese cups that come in pack of two’s; I am sure that one of these is sweet & rich enough to just have one and be done with it:

Okay, last but certainly not least,underneath the truffles were these nuts/seed chocolate covered ” bear” bites as they called it. I think they call it a bear because it’s like a bear cluster sort of treat:


So, while that concludes my Sweetploring of this place, this post does not come close to covering all of the sweet goodies that this place had. From the classic Rock Candy & Chocolate Coins to their own Rocky Mountain Lollipops & Chocolate bars, I am sure this place would be a dream-come-true for candy & chocolate lovers alike.

♥ Bree ♥

  • By the way, please pardon the constant header changes, I am still trying to figure out how I would like this blog to look.

Here We Go Again…

Hiii & Welcome to Sweetplorations ( or maybe, it is welcome back : D).

I have started this blog concept again & AGAIN & again & AgAin and one minute I am renergized in it’s purpose and another minute, I am uninterested and ready to shut the concept down again. Will the cycle repeat itself ? I hope not but at this point, who knows but I wanted to try it again so here I am again. Jeez, This post has a lot of “again’s”…please bare with me. Moving on,

Sweetplorations, in a way, is like a beauty channel but with desserts at the centerpoint instead of make-up. The reality is that I have accepted that I could not have a beauty channel…no, really you would not believe how my hair looks most days…so I just did the next best thing for me. You can expect: First Impressions ( first impression of sweet goodies ( edible & non-edible), G.B.W.M ( Get Baking With Me…Recipe-exploring), Sweet Finds/Hauls ( shopping but more so, just looking) and more.

Honestly, I do not want to take what I am doing here too seriously and I just want all who come across this blog to just enjoy what they are reading and to maybe even get a laugh out of it. If you see yourself as a sweetplorer or you want to become one, I would love it if you joined me.

Until the next post,